April 2018

Hawaii Pet Expo: How to make the most of your booth!

Mahalo to everyone who came out to last night’s Hawaii Pet Expo: Making the most of your booth! We hope that you gained valuable knowledge from the panel discussion and tips and insight from the Hawaii Pet Expo Committee themselves! Special thank you of course to the Panelists (see their photo for more!) and also big mahalo to Matt and the team at VCA Family and Oahu Veterinary Specialty Center for always allowing us to use their space for networking and learning!

Our Panel of Hawaii Pet Expo Experts

Last night’s Panel of Experts were so pawesome!! Each of these panel members were specifically selected because of their memorable impact at the Hawaii Pet Expo over the years.

From left to right:

Lita, Maika’i Pet Sitting & Mobile Grooming – who has lines out of her booth for her $10 nail trim specials!

John, Island Dog Magazine Hawaii – with 11 years having a booth at the Pet Expo, John has seen it all! You can’t forget his boisterous attitude while handing out the newest issue of Island Dog Magazine. Look for their GIANT Milkbone sculpture this year

Matt, VCA Family and Oahu Veterinary Specialty CenterCenter- everyone looks forward to the VCA booth with their FREE photo keychains and memorable BLUE branding! VCA’s keychains have become a collectable for pet families over the years.

Jordan, The Public Pet – Jordan’s background in Visual Merchandising really shows every year at his Pet Expo booth! Last year Jordan and his team threw out conventional booth design and made a “mini” version of his shop complete with huge neon sign. It was was truly a sight to behold!

We are truly grateful to have this group of panelists who so graciously shared their knowledge with us last night. Really one of the top HPBN meetups ever! Paw-halo to you all!!!